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    Syncin' Animation to Audio

      Ok, i'm trying to created a loop, under 9 seconds, where an animated character would be dancing to an audio clip that i've recorded in Pro Tools. Now i'm coming into a few problems but the situation is, I need to first import the music clip to the stage so i can sync the movements of my character to the music. The first problem i'm encountering is an exact 9 second clip in protools seems to NOT be a 9 second clip once i've imported it to the stage. This is going to be a looped animation synced up to the music so the audio and visual must remain in time otherwise my guy will look like he has no rythmn.

      Any suggestions or tips on how i should go about creating this?
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          Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
          First to import you sound clip into Flash:
          1- choose File > Import
          2- click on the keyframe you need to add the sound on and from the properties panel, choose your sound name from the sound menu. Make sure that the sound setting it Streaming since you need to senq with the animation.
          3- you may need to extend the frame to see all the sound, select the layer with the sound the press F5 to increase its frame
          4- I prefer to make your animation on the root since you need to senq it with the animation

          hope this helps