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    SEO issue - site does not appear in Google


      I have a website developed in Muse & published to BusCat in March. I put in Meta name keywords in top level pages, but site is not appearing in a Google or Yahoo search.


      Site Address: johnwday.com


      Should I add johnwday to the meta tags, which is the exact site name? 


      Now in pages: <meta name="keywords" content="John Day, John Day art, John Day artist, John Day New York artist, John Day painter, John Day installation, John Day assemblage, installation art, assemblage, painting"/>



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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your home page has no real content to speak of.  It's just images and a few links.  No wonder the search engines are not seeing you.  You haven't given them anything to find or index.  Content is king with SEs.  It's vitally important to have relevant, keyword-rich text in the body of your pages.  Otherwise, you don't exist.


          See the Google SEO Guide below for tips on how to get better traction from SEs.  And be prepared to spend some money on search engine ads for the first 12 months at least until SE start to notice you.

          Google SEO Guide

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Just one more thing. ...  Owing to past abuses by bad web developers, SEs  tend to ignore meta keyword tags.  Feel free to add them if you wish but don't count on them to drive traffic to your site.    Meta keywrods are not a replacement for real text on your home page. 


            Meta page descriptions are important as this is the first impression most people have of your site on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).  Give each page a good unique title and  description so SEs and humans can find what they're looking for.


            Which is better for web searches?

            <ttile>John Day</title>

            <tiutle>John W. Day : Award Winning New York Artist and Painter since 1967 </title>


            Good luck!