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    Unable to attach Proxies (Dialogue box not opening)


      Hey guys, tearing my hair out on this one...


      I have a project for which proxies have been created for. For some reason, when i select the footage files inside the project, right click and select "Attach Proxies", nothing happens. Its as though a dialogue box has appeared as i can no longer click on anything in premiere, accept i cant see the dialogue box. Im forced to open up task manager and force quite premiere. Its strange as it doesnt look as though premiere has actually crashed, just throwing up an invisible dialogue box..

      I have tried "windowing" premiere in case a dialogue box was popping up behind the program and i wasn't seeing it, but that doesn't seem to be the case either...


      I am also using dual monitors but its not popping up there either.


      My computer specs are as follows...


      Windows 10 Pro

      Processor: Intel Xeon CPU E5-2620 v4 @ 2,10GHz (X2)
      RAM: 32GB
      GPU: NVIDIA Quadro M4000


      Latest version of CC


      Any thoughts? :/