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    Flex app much slower on server?

      Hey guys, I had a quick question that hopefully someone can help me with.

      I have a Flex app that connects to a socket server and uses it to send/receive all the data. Whenever I run the Flex app locally on my machine after building it in Flex builder it runs amazing. I can also run it as an AIR app and it works fine. As soon as I click connect it connects to the socket server and everything works correctly.

      When I upload it to my web server, however, it doesn't work right. It takes somewhere around 5-10 seconds each time to connect to the socket server and a lot of the data doesn't pass correctly. This doesn't seem to make much sense to me because I thought that it was simply downloading the SWF file to the local computer and running it. Is the data doing something funky because it's hosted on a web server?