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    'unknown error' popping up, can't edit



      I bought Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 4 days ago and installed it on a new laptop Windows 10, 16GB RAM, i7, SSD. The programme worked (I use the edit function mostly) for 2 days. Started to slow down, more and more. Then started freezeing and/or crashing, saying 'out of memory' or other things. I haven't been able to edit since yesterday though already tried every tip I could find including: reinstalling, disabling the protected view, etc.The only thing I get when I click on the edit icon is 'there's an unknown error in adobe acrobat'. I've just updated it and still nothing. Does anyone have any idea what's happened? I would appreciate any help on the matter.



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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi Elizal,


          As per the issue description mentioned above, you are facing issue when trying to edit pdf file in Acrobat, is that correct?


          Could you try following troubleshooting steps:

          1- Reboot the machine if you haven't already and try again.

          2- If that doesn't work, check if you are running the latest version of Acrobat using "Check for updates" option under "Help" menu, reboot the machine after installing update and try again. You may also download updates from here: Adobe software and product updates

          3- If that doesn't work, try launching Acrobat as an administrator using the steps given in this link - Run an Adobe program as administrator | Windows 7, Vista


          Does Acrobat freezes when you are trying to edit a specific pdf file or with all the files?


          Thank You,


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