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    Passing extra variables to url with clickTAG

      I'm trying to pass variables from a form on a flash banner to the end of a URL but also use clickTAG for Google Adwords to insert the first part of the url.

      The problem is that I am only getting the first variable showing up in the URL when you are taken to the website. The code I'm using is

      on (release)
      if((_root.clickTAG.indexOf(" http://") == 0) || (_root.clickTAG.indexOf("https://") == 0))

      qs = "first_name=" + escape(first_name) + "&" + "last_name=" + escape(last_name) + "&home_phone=" + escape(home_phone) + "&email_address=" + escape(email_address);
      getURL(_root.clickTAG + qs , "_blank");
      trace("first_name=" + escape(first_name) + "&" + "last_name=" + escape(last_name) + "&home_phone=" + escape(home_phone) + "&email_address=" + escape(email_address));

      and the trace shows that the movie is outputting the correct details:


      I just can't work out why I'm only receiving the first variable (first_name) on the url at the destination site...Any ideas?