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    Flash Player issues when I run project

    Carly G
      I am running Flex on Windows and get the error:
      Flex Builder cannot locate the required version of Flash Player. You might need to install Flash Player 9 or reinstall Flex Builder.

      I have tried the following:
      Downloading the 12/03/2007 update Windows Flash Player 9 ActiveX control content debugger (for IE and Netscape)
      Uninstalling Flash Player 9 and reinstalling from the Adobe website
      Uninstalling Flex and reinstalling

      Any help is appreciated!
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          Pkeating Level 1
          I was about to post a similar question about Stand Alone Flash Player. Over the last year and half of using Flex Builder 2 I have run into many problems that could have been fixed by telling Flex Builder where to look for its debug players (plug-in and standalone) rather than relying on some default value that seems to be reset when you install Flash CS3 (and at other times too).

          I have looked and looked for compiler params that would tell FB what debug binary to use but to no avail. Is there a way to set this in FB2? If not can you at least do so in FB3?