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    passing variable trouble

    yogi bear
      I have created a few arrays in a frame and am trying to pass a variable from the main array to choose a second array by passing a variable using a function after a button is clicked. I use this code to select the name of the new array:

      _root.m1[name].menuTwoID = homeMenu [0];

      from this array
      var homeMenu:Array = [["residential", "resMenu"], ["commercial", "comSubMenu"],.....

      That should produce a passed variable "resMenu" correct?

      It doesn't work later later in a new function when I put it into:
      _root.m2[name].main_text.text = menuTwoID[count-1][0];
      to get the names from the second array.

      If I put "resMenu" directly in the code (below) it works fine.
      _root.m1[name].menuTwoID = resMenu;

      Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?