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    dng converter vs dpp

    MikeV99 Level 1

      I am getting a Canon 80D which is not supported in CR 9.1.1 (CS6). Hence, my choice is to either use DNG to convert .cr2 to .dng or use DPP to convert from .cr2 to .tif.


      In terms of conversion quality and metadata retention which technique is recommended?


      Anyone have thoughts or recommended reading?


      I have LR 6 but have pretty much starting using CS6 due to its layering capabilities.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think you'll have to try both ways and compare for yourself. The big advantage to converting to DNG is that you will have access to the different raw profiles for your images that won't be available for the TIF images. However, working with the TIF images isn't all that bad. Try both ways and compare for yourself.