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    App / Program / Plugin / VST for Looping Seamless Audio/Music for me?



      Something that finds two spots, one near the beginning and one near the end that is the same.
      And then u can choose how many times the middle part may be looped. Let's say 5 times.
      So music is now 1 beginning + 5 middle part + 1 end.
      That long.

      Any program? plugin? VST? application?

      To do it auto/automatically ?

      I searched for it for hours... 5-10 hours.

      I found even an program that analyze given .wav music and finds allllllll looops in it.

      But it doesn't repeat, slice, trim etc... Doesn't repeat as I want. It just tells how many loops and where they are.

      I have feeling that this kind of software exists, but... idk