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    Images inside ComboBox....

    Pratap Reddy
      am trying to insert images inside combobox..
      so that i can select images from that..
      I passed the following Array as dataprovider to combobox..

      public var imagePath: Array = [ {path:"assets/images/inputtext.swf"}, {path:"assets/images/textarea.swf"}, {path:"assets/images/combo.swf"}, {path:"assets/images/chkbox.swf"}, {path:"assets/images/date.swf"}];

      var cmbType:ComboBox= new ComboBox();
      cmbType.itemRenderer=new ClassFactory(mx.controls.Image);

      I can see the images inside the combo box ... But when i select a image its show its path on top...
      any idea how to see selected image on top??
      How to see image on top of ComboBox..

      Thanx in Advance