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    Premiere crash continuosly: "unable to recover from a kernel exception. [...]


      Hi everybody,

      i've that problem since some month: my softwares in particular Adobe Premiere crash continuosly, it report me that error:


      "unable to recover from a kernel exception. the application must close.

      error code: 3 (subcode 2)"


      I've already tried to search a solution on internet but nothing worked for me, i work with that software so i really need to resolve this issue.




      My pc is an asus X99-E desktop x64 working with 32gb and a Nvidia Quadro M2000 graphic card.




      I've recentely installed nvidia latest drive: 391.74

      but i still have problems.


      I did usually reinstall graphic card's driver to fix the problem, it works some hours but then the issues appear again.