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    Lightroom 6 Installation Issues


      I bought a boxed version of Lightroom 6 and can't figure out how to install it. Upon entering my redemption code I was given a message that said I successfully redeemed my purchase and given a download link. The download link is actually a download for Creative Cloud. I went ahead and downloaded it even though I couldn't care less about CC, but figured the software was in there. I went to the purchases tab in my account (through CC) and have nothing available to download. The boxed version did NOT come with a serial number. The slip in the box stated I would receive the serial number after I successfully redeemed the product, but the redemption message said I didn't need a serial number to download and thus never gave me one.


      So to sum up:


      1. The "Download" link does not give me the installer for what I purchased

      2. My account has no drivers listed that I can install

      3. I can't download the drivers from Adobe's main download page because I was never given a serial number


      I'm getting intensely frustrated with this because Adobe's support page is on the fritz as well, and their call center is not available on the weekends. Any help would be appreciated as I'm ready to just give up and get my money back.


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          dj_paige Level 10

          There is only one installer file to download. It contains the software (both LR 6 and the Creative Cloud version) and when you provide your serial number, then it turns into LR 6 and not any cloud version of Lightroom.


          If you think you should be getting a serial number because the boxed version was Lightroom 6, and you didn't get one, then you have to discuss this with Adobe. Click on "Support Home" at the top of this page.

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            haydens85947764 Level 1

            It's installed now. Thank you. The issue wasn't that I was overlooking anything per se, but that the installation instructions sent mixed messages and had a frustrating lack of information. When inserting the CD, I was taken to a prompt asking for a serial number. The card that came with the box is clearly from an older version as it explicitly said the serial number would be provided when the redemption code was provided. Other help topics said the serial number would be printed on the CD sleeve, matching my previous experiences, which also wasn't the case.


            The instructions in the screen shot I provided were vague from my perspective as my interpretation of "product" was Lightroom, not CC, so I didn't understand why I was receiving a CC installer. At no point in the process was it clearly explained that installing CC was part of the installation process which was why I was so frustrated. I have been using LR5 since around 2013 and only upgraded to LR6 because I bought a new camera a month ago that wasn't compatible with my version of LR5. From my point of view I felt like I was running in circles. Anyway, I'm set up now. Thank you for your help.