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    R5 project slow to open

    M-C Hammer
      Hi there
      It has been approx. 2 weeks that my R5 HTML project has been very slow to open on my PC (15-20 min) and what seems to take a long time is getting the DB info, not the VSS update (our project is linked to source control - VSS).
      My colleague, who works on the same project as me, does not have this problem. The project takes 5 mins to load on her PC and I believe my issue is not CPD-related as we often give our CPD file to each other when our own CPD is corrupt. I asked her for her CPD file last week and it has not solved the problem. (CPD file is not saved onto VSS).
      My PC spec is good (2 Gb RAM, 120 GB free space, dual core) and until approx. 2 weeks ago, our project used to load up quickly on it. I am using Windows XP.
      Is there anything I can do to speed things up? Do you think that something has been corrupted?
      Thanks in advance for your help & advice.