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    Multicam - select audio track per clip


      I am creating a video that mixes 2 cameras and a cd audio track. So I have this:


      Camera 1 & Audio 1

      Camera 2 & Audio 2

      Audio 3 (from the cd track)


      I mixed all of it, selecting these options:


      I noa have this:


      The audio from "Pierre Camera" is bad, I have it disabled. When I do this, it does it for the entire Video1. In this case, it is what I want.


      But I would like to be able to use only the "Audio Cd" for a portion of the Video while mixing the "Audio CD" with "Val Camera footage a" at the very beginning and "Val Camera footage b" at the very end. So, I get background noises at the beginning but "clean" music during the performance and background noises such as people applauding at the end.   


      How can I do that???? Help, please.