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    Page in mobile breakpoint can be moved to the left for no obvious reason

    fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

      For some reason I must realize strange movement on several sites I recently did.

      As one example I add one page from one site: www.bit-coaches.de

      That´s the muse  (only one page-the landing page).



      Using the developer tool The content cannot moved sideways but , at least  on my android, I am able to move the page to the left.

      I cannot see anything outside.


      I realize this issue on my site:  www.fotografie-roeder.de  as well and   www.susannewoerz.de.


      I hope with the example from above :   www.bit.coaches.de

      I can detect my mistake or whatever I am missing here.

      Let me add, that on my personal site there´s a pushy panes widget from muse-themes.com

      but not on bit-coaches.de .


      Thanks in advance