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    How to Disable Windows Ink in Acrobat DC

    stevie47 Level 1

      I use Acrobat on a Surface Book 2 (using only the tablet portion without the keyboard attached) to edit documents. Since Acrobat has a pen tool already, which allows me to "ink" directly on a pdf (a function that Adobe has made available for quite a long time), I want to use my Surface pen as a "mouse" and as a pen in the input panel--which is the way I've used it up until recent Windows 10 updates apparently changed the way the pen functions in Acrobat. Has anyone discovered a way to disable Windows Ink in Acrobat, enabling the pen to be used for a broader range of purposes than just inking? This change has completely obliterated the way I use my tablet and pen in Acrobat, and like others, I'm frustrated with the loss of functionality.