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    Keyboard Shortcut for "Edit Search Bin..."?

    Premiopolis Level 2

      Looking for a keyboard shortcut to "Edit Search Bin..."

      Haven't found it.  I'm assuming no such thing exists, but on the off chance there's hack or it's hiding under a secret name...


      Why not use "New Search Bin"?


      •     "New Search Bin" creates a item in the project and is named after the search requested.  The more you create, the more they proliferate, and because of the auto-naming they tend to scatter about  and create clutter.

      •     "Edit Search Bin" accommodates a custom-named Search Bin.  It's created once, named once, and stays put in (assuming an alphabetical sort).  Only the contents evolve.


      Why not just use the "Filter Bin Content" instead of a Search Bin?


      •     "Filter Bin Content" hunting through a project with a mere 800 items seizes up PPro while it scours.  And because it's a search 'On Keystroke' It even seizes mid typing, before you've completed your request, triggering multiple requests per attempt.

      •     "Edit Search Bin..." by contrast triggers only begins after term and the results are, for whatever reason, much much faster.


      •      "Filter Bin Content" creates a more often confusing UI outcome: Sub bins, even empty ones, remain visible, representing empty hierarchies which typically are more distracting than helpful.

      •     A "Search Bin" by contrast only represents found Project Items in flat view form -- no hierarchies.  It leaves the overall UI of your Project Panel and any Bin Panels intact.  Only the Search Bin changes.  A "what you need only -- right when you need it"


      What about the generic "Find" Popup (Command-F)?

      Workflow Efficiency

      •     "Find" workflow is linear: select and highlight the next Project Item in your search criteria.  There's no overview, just a next, next, next, next approach to discovering items.

      •     "Search Bins" immediately return a comprehensive overview of everything turned up in the search.


      So using "Edit Search Bin" works best for us.

      We can literally abandon the bins, sub-bins, sub-sub-sub bins, hierarchy inherited from OS and find stuff much quicker with a metadata-based approach to organzation.


      Even without an "Edit Search Bin..." keyboard shortcut -- using the context menu (right-click) -- it's by far the fastest way to retrieve items.




      A shortcut would be icing on the cake.



      (Some related issues here: Clips/Bins, Search Bins, Markers & Metadata -- Thoughts on improved coordination and workflow. )