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    I'm a genius! Solved sound sync with Atomos and D800

    rodneyb56060189 Level 4

      Cavemen have probably been doing this forever, but I finally figured it out.


      I use a d800 and HDMI out to Ninja ( 1080p 24fps, DNxHD). Normally I sync sound with slate and little recording gadget ( TASCAM).

      On one shoot I had a little shotgun rode on hot shoe of camera plugged into mic of camera, as a sort of 'backup'.

      The man helping me on job (turning TASCAM on and off for takes) did something weird at one point and a few sound takes were no good after that.

      Luckily I had the stupid little rode on top of camera and talent was close, so I used THAT sound. BUT discovered it was out of sync 3 frames. I had the slate to use and figure that out.


      The sound gets recorded faster than video stream data can be compressed, so it's out 3 frames....sound coming first.


      In editor, unlinking sound, and moving sound forward with mouse really was hard, cause it's not accurate and it's a hit and miss sorta operation.


      I just realized a few minutes ago (cause I'm gonna go out with camera soon and shoot with that little shotgun on camera) that I can CUT at the end of 3rd frame, move CTI to that spot, unlink sound, and move sound with mouse and it will more or less SNAP to that CTI position !  HOW COOL IS THAT ??


      I bet everybody already knew this but I just figured it out. Haven't tried it yet, but it should work fine.


      : )


      anybody else figure out any genius things lately ???

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