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      I am the webmaster/photographer for our local city lacrosse team...  for the last few years I have only done portraits for my kids and a handful of kids on our league teams with composites and templates that I have purchased through other website (Photobacks and PrivatePrize to name a few).  I was hesitant this year to do our whole league mainly I felt like I wasn't up to snuff in compositing but I have gotten a lot better at it this year using my own kids and a couple other players.  This year a 3rd party came in and did the individual and team pictures, and I have to admit Im jealous because I have a lot to work on.  Right now Im doing it on my own but the league has expressed interest in me doing the photos next year.  I understand the standard and extended licenses but personally I am limited on my funds to purchase stock images to use on pictures (lacrosse fields, lightning, lens flares..to do composites)for the league and I don't want to have the league to purchase if my composites are not where I want them to be..  and if I can't do the right thing then I can't do these photos.  Is there any way around this?

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          Hi Felix,


          I understand your requirement, but as of now, there is no discounted offer available for Adobe Stock assets. Please check the Stock plans page for more information on the pricing: Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock


          I would suggest you to go with our credit pack offer(as it might be suitable for your requirement). By using credits from credit packs you can not only buy the standard assets, templates and 3D assets but also the premium images and videos.

          Please go through Stock FAQ: What are Credit packs? for more information.


          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.




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