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    Latest version of Lightroom Classic won't open after GeForce 970 driver update

    ArtVegaPhoto Level 1

      Until a few days ago LR Classic was working fine. Then I updated the driver for my video card (GeForce GTX970) and after that neither LR or Photoshop will open. I contacted Adobe support on chat and they remote connected to my computer. The support person then went into the registry editor and also did a change to a .dll file. After that, both LR and PS started working again. But later on I tried opening some of my games and they would not open. So I restored the graphics driver and problems with LR/PS came back. Then rolled back the graphics driver to previous version, but still LR/PS would not open.

      I usually keep my graphic drivers updated and this is the first time ever that I have a problem with LR/PS for that reason.

      Anybody else has this problem?