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      Good morning, I registered on June 22nd 2018 and I have many questions about how the site works.
      1 I downloaded 56 photos in my library of which I bought 10. How long do I have to wait to be able to download the 10th of the following month?
      2 Why could I still download the images as jpg even without buying the license?
      3 Why in my library do not enter more than 56 photos?
      4 How should I cancel the subscription in three months?



      I found it very difficult to ask for assistance, I think the system is not efficient. Other sites provide telephone support, I hope you want to provide

      Tank you for help me





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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Sara,


          Thanks for reaching out to the Stock community.



          • It seems that you have signed up for Adobe Stock 10 images per month(one-year) plan on 22 Jun 2018 and you have already downloaded the 10 allocated images this month.You will again be allocated with 10 images next month, provided the account stays active. In case you purchase Additional standard assets, it will cost you US$2.99/ea.
            If you require more assets, you may also check our credit pack offer: Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock  as by using credits from credit packs, you may purchase all assets like premium assets, standard assets and video(HD and 4k).



          • You can download the images as jpg even without buying the license since you are saving the asset of Adobe Stock in a preview mode( where you will a get low-resolution, watermarked version of the image in preview mode).
          • Please let me know in which library are you saving these images?
          • You may cancel the Adobe Stock subscription anytime by following the steps in the help document: Cancel your Adobe Stock membership

                I would suggest you to go through Legal subscription terms | Adobe for more information.


          You may also contact our support team Support FAQ: How can I contact Adobe for support? for further assistance.


          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.




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            saras50402007 Level 1

            Dearest thanks for your reply. If I understand correctly, the images that I saved  in my store (the one that appears when I enter the site with my acount), contains images that I can download even if I did not buy them, but they are in low resolution. Is that it?


            But I would like to know why, now I do not see the previews in the store, but I can only download them in my PC, while when I started to download the first time, the images were inserted in the lstore?



            In practice I did not understand why  i have in my store  always the same images that i saved last week and I can not add more,i mean just add noy buy.


            Thank you



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              twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee



              • You can try out Adobe Stock images and videos by downloading the low-resolution, watermarked version. No payment is required until you decide to license the asset. Templates and 3D assets must be licensed before you can download them. Many are free.

              You may also refer to Common Questions, Adobe Stock for more information.

              • Are you trying to view the preview version of the asset which you have already downloaded?
              • Please let me know of the store that you are referring here, where you were able to save or storing the images?




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                saras50402007 Level 1

                IMG_20180627_131218.jpgDearest I am attaching two pictures to make you understand what I mean when I talk about store. It's the cloud where the images are stored in my adobe account, at the moment there are 46 that I downloaded as a preview, 10 I bought them. now when I browse other images and decide to download them, these are no longer stored in this cloud but the system makes them directly download as a preview. I would like them to stay in the coud so I can buy them as soon as I can.IMG_20180627_131157.jpg

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                  EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

                  Hi Sara,


                  I don't know what you mean by "store". On the Stock website you can access and create Creative Cloud libraries. You have two, My Library and Visualizza tutto. You can save both licensed and preview assets to the libraries. When you choose to download to your computer the assets are not placed in a library.


                  What is it exactly that you need assistance with. What task are you trying to accomplish?



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