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    Loss of Bookmark Thumbnails in Acrobat Pro on Mac

    kevinkar10 Level 1

      I am on Acrobat Pro 9 version 9.5.5 for Mac and have been using it for some time.

      1. Background:
        1. I create invoices in an accounting program and "print" PDF files to send to clients (PDF 1).
        2. When I have to add an expense form to the invoice I create a second PDF file out of Excel (PDF 2).
        3. Once I have the two PDF files on my desktop I open the Bookmarks tab and select the pages form the Expense form PDF and move them to the invoice (PDF 1) to create the combined invoice (PDF 3) to send to the client.
      2. ISSUE:
        1. This issue JUST started.
        2. I no longer see the bookmark thumbnails even though there are multiple pages in the document. I can not copy and move the pages as I have before.
        3. When I open PDF files I have previously created the function still does not work.
        4. I did not install any new software or updates between the time it worked and stopped.
        5. I tried restarting both Acrobat and my computer.