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    after editing an image in PS, LR does not show the changed image



      I just switched from PC to MAC and just can't find out how to solve this:


      when sending an image to Potoshop CC (2018) from within LR classic CC, doing some changes there and saving it, LR does not re-import the new one.


      The 'send to' preference is standard, so via TIFF in ProPhoto, 240 dpi, zipped. The edited image should be stacked with the original but there is no new image there. The image shows up in PS correctly.

      After saving, the file is in the folder as it should be.

      LR shows: no image selected.

      I can manually sync the folder and the edited image will appear, but  a) it's not how it should work and b) it can not be tracked with the original anymore


      Anyone can help?