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      Screenshot (6).jpgI purchased photoshop elements 2018 online from the official photoshop website about 2 weeks ago. Paid over $100 for it. That's a lot of money for someone to pay for something that stops working within a couple weeks.  It worked fine for the first few days but then it went haywire. I keep getting an error message "The operation could not be completed". I have some very important projects I am working oh. I am trying to create a slideshow memorial about my mother who passed away May 28, 2018. I am very disappointed with the program and don't know how to fix it. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. Didn't work. Help Please

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What are you attempting to do in the Quick mode when this happens?

          What are the files e.g. jpeg or other type?

          Are they on your internal drive e.g. in the Pictures folder or an external drive, camera storage card or NAS?

          Are you starting a slideshow by selecting thumbnails in Organizer?

          What are the image sizes?

          If you can provide the above information we may be able to help pin down the problems.

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            Kifft Level 1

            I am attempting to create a slideshow

            The files are .jpeg

            Most were transferred from my phone onto my pc

            I haven't used the organizer yet

            Most sizes are 85.5 KB (87,651 bytes)

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I would suggest trying the organizer. Simply import the photos from a folder. You can also create an album and drag thumbnails for the slideshow into the album. If you set the sort order to “Added Order” you can drag the thumbnails into your preferred sequence and they will remain in fixed positions. For an impromptu slideshow click

              View >> Full Screen

              Then click the play button

              Or simply click the slideshow button at the bottom of Organizer to create an MP4 presentation which can be saved and uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc

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                Medha_Sharma Adobe Employee



                Could you please tell me the OS on which you've installed Photoshop Elements? (If you're using Windows, please mention the complete OS version)




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                  Kifft Level 1

                  I am going to try your solution. I have to work on it as time allows. We are still in the process of settling mama's estate. It's hard but necessary. Thanks for the help.

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                    99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I understand. I had to do it for my own mother. It can be difficult having to deal with all the different parties. Some organizations wanted to deal by post while others had good on-line services. Luckily my siblings are all amicable and things went well. Do let us know if you need any further help with the slideshow.