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    Advice Needed

    Chr1ssy Level 1
      Hello, I am working on a dynamic form. Before I get too much into the code, I wanted some advice from some advanced CF developers. The form is going to work like...
      You select a question, let's say answering 'yes'

      If 'yes' display the following questions

      If 'no' don't display any more questions and let the user continue filling out the form

      I really don't want to have the page refresh. I am running CF8 and I know there are great ajax functions. I need the form to allow for updates. Example, if the answer is 'yes' in the database, when they come to the form again, those dependent questions show automatically. I have tried different things, but I could never get the form prepopulate that answer and show the dependent questions.

      Does that make any sense??

      Side question, does anyone have any issues with the different browsers showing ajax properly?