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    Computer Changing - CC/Classic CC - Duplications


      Hey Everybody,


      After 9 years of good and loyal service, my old computer shut down for ever, so i changed.


      Since 1 year i use CC on my phone to sort and evaluate my photos in subway and i do the devellopment on Classic CC, home, on my computer


      So i did import my catalogue on my new computer like i did many times, but this time, instead of synchronise, Ligtroom created a "Import from CC" collection and the collection of the catalogue on the side. So all the work i did on phone is on the "Import from CC" section and the catalogue do is blank,


      Do you know how to automaticly merge this collection and delete the duplicated photos?


      (Sorry for my approximative english)

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi adriend,


          Sorry for the delay in our response. Have you also moved your workflow from Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom CC? When you switch machines, you need to move all the data(images) in a same structure on a different machine. Once you move all the data and open the Lightroom catalog, the only is required to update the folder location in Lightroom catalog.


          Are you still syncing the same Lightroom catalog to Lightroom mobile app?




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