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    Weird "ding-sound" when adjusting audio track-heights in Premiere Pro 2018

    chrisj44835960 Level 1

      Hi all, I've discovered that I can change my audio track-heights in Premiere Pro CC 2018 in Windows by using keyboard shortcuts, pressing together "Alt +" or "Alt -" so I can see the audio-track's waveforms much clearer. The thing is that the system plays a weird "ding" sound every time I do that (which sounds exactly like the default "error-ding" of Windows!!).

      1. Is that normal?!!

      2. Can I disable this weird sound? (as I use this shortcut quite often lately!!).

      However it does NOT give ANY sound at all when I adjust the video track-heights (by pressing "Ctrl +" or "Ctrl -" (which is weird, I'd expect the same sound as well). Many thanks in advance to whoever answers my questions