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    Position is changing suddenly


      Hi, I add two keyframes in the beginning and almost add the end of a clip. On those two keyframes I add two different x-positions:

      Position 1.jpg

      As you see above when I'm around second 8, the x-position is around 760, so between the two keyframes I've entered. This result is as expected.


      Now I add a third keyframe at the end, where I've entered the x-position -160. And suddenly the clip doesn't move any longer smoothly between the first two keyframes, but around second 8, the position is suddenly 837.

      Position 2.jpg

      I just wanted my clip to go from 740 to 780 very smoothly, and at the end it moves very quick to the left (position -160). So why is it going in the middle to 837 after I've added the keyframe at the end?