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    recording bug

      I am using cp3 on a Vista 64x system with two monitors.
      With this configuration a problem shows up that does not appear in my older XP single monitor system: CP3 consistently fails to capture screen images, e.g. when recording a simulation either manually or automatically. CP3 will capture the initial image, but as soon as I change the focus to the recorded program (such as Windows Explorer), e.g. by clicking File or any other menu item, then CP3 stops responding to PrintScreen or End. If I click on the red box surrounding my recorded program, then CP3 "wakes up" again and responds to these keys until I click on a menu item within the record program.
      Does anyone know if this is bug associated with two monitors or Vista 64x or something else? Any work around (other than abandoning my nice new computer and going back to my older geriatric machine)?