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    Import text and images from PowerPoint

      Does anyone know if Captivate 3 can import PP slides that maintain the text as a text box and place images as individual items? otherwise i have to import a bland back ground slide from PP and bring over each piece or drop text into a Caption box. etc etc

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Rob and welcome to our community

          No, Captivate hasn't developed PowerPoint import to that degree yet. Hopefully we will see improvements in the next version!

          So unfortunately your latter statement applies here. Never hurts to send a WishForm asking for better abilities here. You may do so by clicking here and completing the form you should find there.

          Cheers... Rick
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            retro74 Level 1
            I had wished for that too when Captivate 2 came out and I first tried that. However, I have since changed my mind about it. Why? PowerPoint seems to offer better picture scaling and better handling of text formatting. I setup my template in PowerPoint Masters and then it just rolls out quickly. But the real benefit to me is the excellent slide handouts that I get from PowerPoint (2 per page and grayscale). Sure Captivate does that too, but the format in PowerPoint just looks right to me and I print to PDF so that the on-line users can get the stuff they need in a printout that they can take notes on.

            In PowerPoint, go to Slide-Masters and Export the Backgroound graphics from each slide of the Master. Then set the background graphic to white and you will have a White Master (not what you want). Then select Import-Image and select the background that you just exported. Notice that it is not a background, it is an image on the slide. Stretch it to fit corner to corner and you should see two black outlines denoting the edges. Select Send-To-Back so that your placeholders are on top of the background image. Why do this? Because when you print to Grayscale, you can now see the backgroiund image and not a blank slide with just text on it. You can always print to color without doing the above, but the end user will end up with difficult to read slides that include very dark areas in some cases. Grayscale usually works well and the above solution is an undocumented PowerPoint trick to bypass the bug in PowerPoint that hides Grayscale printing.

            So PowerPoint has some formatting and handout advantages when tweaked. I can easily fix PowerPoint slides and then re-import them to Captivate.

            Note that the above trick is how you get the PowerPoint template images out of the Slide Masters too. so you can use them in Captivate if desired or create a template in PowerPoint form an image.

            Major downside is that the Captivate slides have one image per slide. In Captivate you can set one background image and then you are adding only the text elements to it. But it may not be that much bigger and in the case of software recording (simulations, demos, Etc.) you'll have one Captivate slide per screen anyway. But I believe you were focused on presentations as described above.

            The idea of bringing PowerPoint Text into Captivate may have size advantages, but then you 'll likely struggle with formatting and handouts that are not quite what you expect.

            Best of luck to you on your project.

            Joe C.