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    No transformation options in MOGRT template

    Chris_Ayers_RTM Level 1

      I've just started using MOGRT files between After Effects and Premiere.


      I successfully created a MOGRT with After Effects and the only parameters I included was the ability to change the Source Text. That works fine, however, I see no options to change anything else. I really need to be able to change the text size in case the text is too long.


      In the tutorials I have watched it seems like there are lots of options to modify the text, including changing size, color, stroke, etc.  I don't have any of these options in the edit panel. I thought maybe these options had to be enabled when building the template but there is no option in After Effects to change the font size.


      I am using After Effects CC v and Premiere Pro CC v 2017.1.2


      This is what my Edit panel looks like:


      Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.42.27 PM.png


      This is what I expect it to look like, according to tutorials I have watched:



      Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.47.59 PM.png

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          fnuckle Level 1

          You need to actually drag the parameters you want to use in premiere from the timeline into the essential graphics panel while still in ae (before you export the mogrt). There are some limitations on what kind of properties are supported, but you can easily see all the properties you can drag on to the eg panel by selecting the "Solo supported properties" button towards the top of the essential graphics panel. You can then rename, and also add comments. Hope this helps.

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            R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            fnuckle is spot-on. In AfterEffects, you drag any property that needs to be controlled from the user in PrPro into the box for that.


            Next ... for options to show in the EGP Edit tab, you need to select a line of some element of the graphic layer. So ... select a line of text, the text options appear below it in the EGP panel.



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