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    Lightroom lag & broken local adjustments on >4k displays


      At this point, I'm so used to trouble shooting LR that nothing really surprises me, but I've got one that will really make everyone chuckle today.  For the most part, LR Classic 7.4 now runs smoothly on my MacBook Pro laptop... but is almost unusable on my absurdly priced 10 core, 128GB RAM, 3.1 GHz, Radeon Pro Vega 64 stacked iMac Pro.  I understand the limitations of the software and it's lack of multicore application, but this is frankly absurd.


      The issue is this: graphics acceleration in LR is still in beta, but without it LR can't keep up with displays over 4k in resolution.  I'm glad the graphics acceleration crop bug was fixed with the recent update, but currently my options are as follows...


      1. Edit on my 16GB RAM laptop with no issues.

      2. Edit on the 5k iMac Pro display with graphics acceleration turned ON.  This renders the used of the adjustment brush, cloning, healing, and any local adjustments completely broken.  Initial brush strokes cause the entire system to choke for 2-3 seconds and are often not even recorded.  I edit hundreds of images a day and each of them receives a pass with a few healing spots and adjustments so this is a very big issue for me.

      3.  Edit on the 5k iMac Pro display with graphics acceleration turned OFF.  This fixes the adjustment brush issue, but makes regular develop functions extremely sluggish and bloated.  Moving around within lightroom is also slow.


      What gives?  I'm tired of being used as a beta tester.  If this program is built for professionals, it should run perfectly on an $8,000 machine and especially on a high resolution display.


      iMac Pro

      3.1 GHz Intel Xeon W

      128 GB 2666 MHz DDR4

      Radeon Pro Vega 64 16368 MB

      5k Retina Display