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    RoboHelp 7 - Intermittently missing the space after bolded text in

    pjv@gs Level 1
      We've converted a project of 800+ topics to RoboHelp 7 and updated our software with the new latest patch 7.01.001. The funky character issues have gone away but now, we noticed that we're intermittently missing the space after bolded words. I've check the HTML code and it is the coding is the same for all of the bolded words within a topic, yet one word will be missing space and all of the other bolded words won't.

      This applies to topics that were created in RH7 before the patch as well topics that were coverted from RH5 to RH6 and then to RH7. Also, applies to topics to were originally imported into RH5 or RH6 from Word.
      The formatting looks like this: "It does <span style="font-weight: bold;">not</span> post in PARA or DBS.

      Sometimes, I see the end code is </span><span></span> --or -- </span> <spaces>
      I've also seen <b> word </b>

      Problem is that it is inconsistent and we have over 800 topics within our project. To check each topic in the generated version and then go back to Edit will take forever.