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    [Q] CSInterface.evalScript() reports "EvalScript error."

    Naoki-Hada Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm not sure where is the problem and still in troubleshooting.

      I wonder if anyone has workaround or any idea where I should check.


      ExtendScript itself is working as expected. But when it is called from CEP's CSInterface.evalScript(), it causes "EvalScript error."


      ExtendScript code is modified code from following.

      Change value sample size


      Changing Eyedropper's tools property value from CEP plugin.

      In the project there's similar code used, but only these part has issue.


      The above link's code's JSON has syntax issue. ExtendScript is OK. But JSONLint reported error. After fix, it still have issue.


      I rewrote to ActionDescriptor without JSON data, it still have same issue (JSX is OK. CEP has issue.)


      I appreciate any tips and advice.


      Thank you,



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