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    Audio Async with Decklink Intensity Pro 4k

    christophs4940721 Level 1



      for some reaon on one of our PCs we have a massiv audio delay when we play back our edited timeline.

      We are on a PC Win7, CC2017 with a Black Magic Intensity Pro 4K.


      Under the playback settings the Intensity card is selected for audio and video.


      The Intensity is hooked up to a 4K consumer TV via HDMI, while the audio is hooked up via the audio out L/R cinch, of the Intenstiy Pro.

      The Cinch goes to a Monicon Passive Monitor and from there out to the studio speakers.


      You can clearly see that the audio is not in snyc by around 3 frames. When we turn up the audio of the TV and listen to the HDMI audio everything is perfectly in sync. When both the TV and the Studio speakers are turned up you can hear the massive delay in the form of an echo.


      Whats going on here? Isn't the audio and video signal that is being output by the same device supposed to be pefectly in sync?


      Can anyone help?