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    Can't update billing info for subscription, bought credits instead but no resolve. Urgent!




      My problem has different layers. I used to have a subscription On Demand, later I bought a subscription 40 images a month, for a big project. But I didn't need that much anymore, so I cancelled it with still 64 images unused, which I now realise I've lost :-( . Also the On Demand subscription is expired, which I highly regret.


      Now the most urgent problem: since the On Demand Subscription is expired I bought a 5 credit pack as I want to buy 1 (standard) image. But when I want to buy, I get an error message that says I have to update my billing info for the 40 Images a Month Subscription. As I fill in my details and click ok , another error message appears with a unknown error. I assume it's because I already cancelled that subscription.

      Is there a way to select that I want to buy from the credits instead of the subscription?


      Can anyone help me fast, as I need this image for a deadline tomorrow!!


      After this, we can look into the other problems.



      Thanks in advance