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    RH 2017 SharePoint Versioning Issues - List View Threshold & .fws Files

    charlest91872988 Level 1

      Hi RoboHelp Community,


      We just upgraded from RH 11 to RH 2017, and I'm trying to re-establish the same versioning we used for RH11. Our team of 3 needs the version control and shared access to the project. We are encountering 2 issues:


      1. When attempting to set up the versioning, SharePoint 2010 is producing “Error: Access Denied” for all the .swf files in the Adobe RoboHelp output
      2. After setting up the versioning, now when I open the project I get this several times: “Error – The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator”


      I've contacted our company IT Support, and they said go talk to Adobe because they haven't changed anything.


      Does anyone have any advice? Do you know what the "list view threshold" needs to be in SharePoint to use the versioning?