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    Printing images  issues

    Archibald the Grim Level 1

      using Mac - High Sierra   lightoom cc classic 7.4   camera raw 10.4.

      I have a 4 x 6 photo paper plus semi gloss loaded in the rear tray of my canon TS8052

      I select print template 4 x 6 (1)

      Print settings 4 x 6 borderless

      print from rear tray  

      Photo  (best)

      One would think that this would print a 4 x 6 borderless image

      but no......  out comes a 4 x 6 from the rear tray but the image is 2 x 3.

      I check all my settings, clear the printer, try again - same result.

      Rather than waste any more paper I search on the adobe community page and I come across this from 2015

      which basically says the adobe templates are (polite) not brilliant.

      "1.  Not necessary to select a template! (the supplied adobe templates are mostly for A4 or Letter paper!)

      2. Instead-  Set your Printer for 6x4 paper in the Page Setup dialog. (as you have done)

      3. In [Layout] panel- set all Margins to minimum.

      4. In [Layout] panel- set Cell Size sliders to Maximum.

      5. In [Image Settings] panel-  Set [Zoom to fill]- off,   Set [Rotate to Fit]-on"

      Low and behold  out comes what I wanted.

      Adobe has some brilliant people working on lightroom so why doesn't ADOBE use this brilliance to set templates to

      do what is in nos. 2-5 when you select (1) 4 x 6.????