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    Slideshow Audio Problem


      I have the stand alone version of Lightroom 6 ( 6.14 ) operating from a macbook pro laptop. During a slideshow my selected music will stop playing. The sounds disappearance will occur at random intervals during each slide presentation.  The slides, however, will continue to display on the monitor and move from one to the other as normal. What can I do to fix the sound so that it is heard throughout the slideshow with no interruptions?



      I did uncheck the "use graphics processor" in the Performance section of Preferences.

      The hard disk is a 4TB with 256MB cache.

      The computer processor is a 2.9GHz intel Core i7

      The operating system is High Sierra version 10.13.5

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          I reviewed the instructions again for saving a slide show and discovered that I did NOT click the + icon in the collections panel when I initially set up the slide show instructions . Hence, a slide show was not really created. Apparently all I had was a collection that was understandably not responding to my slide show commands. It was my oversight.