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    Can I use RH to create an HTML newsletter?

      My company produces a periodic electronic newsletter, which is mailed to subscribers as an HTML file embedded in an e-mail message. The content is typically written by an employee in Word, after which I edit the document and transfer the contents to the HTML file, which I edit in Macromedia HomeSite+.

      Because some of these newsletters are long, the product manager suggested reducing each article to a short introductory blurb followed by a "click here" link that would reveal the rest of the story. (We all recognize this a a drop-down text hotspot, of course.) I got the bright idea that I'd try to create this functionality in RoboHelp. Not only could I include the hotspots, but I'd be able to edit content in a WYSIWYG interface rather than HomeSite's code view, which makes cutting and pasting laborious, given the inline formatting I typically need to apply.

      Well, I managed to create a nice template for the newsletter, and I defined all the styles I needed, and I created the necessary hotspots. When I generated WebHelp and viewed the results, the file looked great. But when I attempted to send the HTM file to myself via Outlook Express (Message | New Message Using | Web Page...), I ran into two problems:

      1. The styles I had defined were not used.
      2. The hotspots didn't work.

      I fixed the first problem by pasting the contents of the CSS file into the HTM file. But I can't get the hotspots to work in the e-mail message: when I click a hotspot, my browser attempts to open the information in a new window, which doesn't work.


      1. Has anyone tried to use RoboHelp like this?
      2. Can anyone fix the hotspot problem for me?
      3. If RH isn't a good tool for the job, can anyone point me in a different direction?