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    Acrobat PRO Dc(version 18.x) not opening my documents

    BobbsieP Level 1

      This happened once before , Adobe Tech support helped me. Problem has occurred again and I cannot recall how it was fixed


      It is only the latest version Adobe Acrobat - older versions and reader work well

      The problem

      I double click a .pdf icon OR , going through  the application, I tell it to open a.pdf.

      I see the document "flash" but I do not see the actual document.


      When this happened before , the Adobe Techie found the document was opening behind somewhere.

      I recall  he seemed to make by desktop  (Mac) wall paper disappear and the document was behind it somehow.

      I just do not recall how to fix.


      Has this happened to any of you?

      My open document is hiding somewhere and I would love to find it

      (happens with any and all .pdf I try to open in  the latest Acrobat Pro.


      Will appreciate any help