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    2 days ago I uploaded a book to blurb, now it is no longer in my collections. I can not find it

    deboraha46840985 Level 1

      So, I uploaded my book to Blurb 2 days ago. Yesterday, after previewing the book, I realized I wanted to add one more photo and a couple more captions. I went back to Lightroom, it is no longer in my collections. I picked the photos, added them into the collection, pushed the create a book tab and labeled it.  I have 3 other books I had done previously and they are there. This one is not. Where could it have gone? Any help would be appreciated.  It is 76 pages, over 200 photos and captions, I can not do this again!


      Any idea how to actually contact customer support?  Very disappointing that I have spent hours trying to recover the book in Lightroom and can not actually find a person to discuss this with. Thank you for any help.