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    Unable to open project: repo.noindex


      Hey there,


      I often end up with conflicting copys of files (no, no dropbox etc. only adobe cloud!) but this time the problem seems to be different. Screenshot (47).png

      The folder is there and looks pretty normal to me. No conflicting copys or anything.


      Screenshot (48).png

      Any ideas how to fix this? Don't have a saved puppet file yet because I'm in the middle of working with it.

      Also not sure why the sqlite3 file doesn't get a green check.

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          I would not run any cloud sync at same time as CH. the lack of tick probably means still syncing (File not complete or upload not complete). The adobe sync does not work well with ch.  You will get frequent errors about files being locked etc. you can suspend sync while in CH, but these days I keep the directories separate and copy the project over to make backups manually.

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