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    How to revive and use an old PP session?

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      I did this premiere session for a couple in 2013, not sure which version of Premiere is was using. I wanted to save it because they said they would be adding to it later. They were funeral videos. Now they are ready to revise it, but I can't seem to get it to open with all the tracks available like they originally were.  I moved the one file folder, with all the elements in it, back to my raid drive, but when I open the project, using PP 15.3, All I see are sequences with one video track and one audio track. I'm re-rendering all to make new preview videos but, I'm getting weird results like giant type instead of my very normal text CG. I don't know what the correct procedure is to do this but I am apparently am doing it wrong. I hope someone can help me out. My session with them is tomorrow (Friday).