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    Plugin shows no panels when Boost libs are added




      In my C++ Plugin I try to add some additional functionality based on Boost:

      I include the following in my .cpp file:


      //#pragma comment(lib, "C:\\local\\boost_1_60_0\\lib64-msvc-10.0\\boost_locale-vc100-mt-1_60.lib") // no panels in id

      //#pragma comment(lib, "C:\\local\\boost_1_60_0\\lib64-msvc-10.0\\boost_locale-vc100-mt-gd-1_60.lib") // same problem


      This is an external Boost library... I know that the InDesign SDK contains boost, but it misses some libraries that I need.

      Other libraries I added work fine this way.


      Without them, my plugin works fine, but with the lines, InDesign starts (no error message about invalid plugin) and

      does not show my plugin panels in the menu.


      How can I fix this?