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    DNG conversion in LR Classic 7.4 is BROKEN!!

    jonz75803620 Level 1

      I started having problems batch processing images in Photomatix and was getting weird color casts.  After significant trouble-shooting and testing, I've concluded the following...  If I keep my images as NEFs (I'm a Nikon shooter), then there is no problem.  If I convert the NEFs to DNGs (which I typically do on import), then there is SIGNIFICANT color cast problems when batch processing in Photomatix (or single set processing using only Photomatix).  If I use the Photomatix plug-in in Lightroom, i.e. Exporting a bracketed set to Photomatix, the result is ok.  I'm told by the folks who make Photomatix that when using the plug-in, LR first converts the images to TIF (whether you're starting with NEFs or DNGs) and therefore whatever problem LR is causing in the creation of the DNGs, it's somehow correcting that when creating the TIFs.


      Adobe-- you have introduced a SERIOUS BUG in Lightroom Classic 7.4  PLEASE FIX IT IMMEDIATELY AND GET A NEW RELEASE OUT!!