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    Building links to timeline pages

    ottz0 Level 1
      I have setup my timeline and buttons with onPress goto part of timeline. this goes to that part of the timeline and I have some load movies and all is good.

      If press the links to goto various parts of the timeline slowly as you would browsing, it displays correctly

      But if I press these links quickly, parts are displaying all over the placce http://www.testing.discoverportstephens.com/upload/main_site.html

      I think this is all fine when I use load and unoload movie, but I think it's when I call regular MC's

      I have a menu bar down the bottom that is an MC not an swf, this has 2 parts an open and a close and I think when I press a link on the left it just plays the mc at any part

      Can anyone help pls