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    Lightroom 5 Won't Publish to Flickr Anymore


      When I tried to publish photos to Flickr it would just time out every time.  I then tried removing authorization and re-authorizing in Lightroom, however the authorization process no longer worked either. It would open up Flickr in a browser for me to authorize it but when I select authorize it tries to open up a new page but it never does. When I look at the web address, the word "success" is part of the address that won't load. Light room has a pop-up that says hit "Done" once I've authorized it in the browser. When I hit "Done" It still says not authorized in Lightroom. Everything had been working great for years. I hadn't published to Flickr in about 9 months before this however. Flickr said it appears to be an Adobe Lightroom issue and they may have changed to only allow Lightroom CC.  Thanks for any help or answers you can provide.