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    Lightroom 4 reinstallation


      I have been using a Lightroom 4 (Student Edition) for 7 years without any issue until I updated my Macbook lately that caused problems with my Lightroom program. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling my Lightroom 4 (Student Edition). However I have problem with the reinstallation, I think I reinstalled the wrong version of Lightroom because I could not find a place where I could enter the Serial number. I have done some research on how to activate serial number and it was stated to  "logout" from the help menu and log back in. I followed the instruction and clicked on " license this software" however, I got a result "No Subscription found"

            1.  Does my account is part of the issue as well that's why I got the error "No Subscription found"?

              2.  If so, I don't remember what account I used to activate my Lightroom 4     7 years ago,

             3.   could I activate my Lightroom 4 (Student Edition) serial number to my new account? If so, how?

            4. Can you give me the correct link to install the Lightroom 4 (Student Edition)?


      Note: Due to the above issue I am experiencing, I end up installing  2 different types of Lightroom on my computer, do you recommend to uninstall my 2 types of lightroom on my computer first before installing the Lightroom 4 (Student Edition)?


      Please help me with these.... it's been 3 weeks I've been trying to find Lightroom support but could'nt find one. When I clicked support from the Adobe website, it will automatically take me to the forum community.